Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Geek Speak > Not as cool as you may think

I came across this article today on Google Reader. It teaches a great lesson for any deveoper who interacts directly with non-technical users/clients.
Much like the elusive African dancing monkey who does a fantastic version of the Electric Slide to confuse their natural enemies; developers have the ability to sway entire debates in their favor by confusing their enemies with technical jargon. After all, who can argue with someone when they have no clue what the other person is talking about?

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Andrew said...

Hey Dave,

I hope the summer's going well. I was directed to this blog via our new facebook friendship (!). This post tells me that developers and academics have something in common: when cornered, resort to highly stylized jargon in order to defend one's intellect, honor, self-worth, etc.

Hope to see you soon.