Friday, June 27, 2008

Star Wars Telnet

If you have a few minutes and an internet connection, then you might be interested in watching the famed motion picture, Star Wars! your command prompt window ;-)

  • Start
  • Run...
  • type this into the command prompt: telnet
  • Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

IE (5.5,6,7,8) version testing de-mystified

As a result of recently passing the 70-528 exam, I decided to start sharing my vast knowledge of ASP.NET with the world (ha). Ok, so really I just wanted to test my abilities by responding to some forum posts on I have made some good suggestions (IMO) and have sent some links to people with some ideas on how to overcome their problem.

One post that I made recently was in regards to a question about how to best test different versions of IE when dealing with UI issues, such as CSS and javascript. I posted some links about some solutions I have come up with over my 2 years of web development.

  • IE 6 VPC: This is a great tool for any developer who already utilizes Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. As we all know, you cannot install two versions of IE on your machine at once. But, if you have two instances of WinXP running on your machine, you can have a different version in each one! Once you have MS VPC 2007 installed, you can run the VPC on your local machine, and test your web app with both your local machines version of IE(7 or 8), and the VPC (IE6)
    Download Virtual HD here.
  • IE Developer Toolbar & IE7PRO: If you are running IE7 and want to see the DOM, CSS, javascript, generated source, etc, then you need to download these tools. IE Developer Toolbar was developer for IE by the IE team. This tool allows you to click on UI elements, and see source HTML information. You can navigate through the dom visually and do a lot of other cool things. The other tool is IE7Pro. It allows you to have many useful pieces of functionality that you don't get from IE7 out of the box. Improved tabbed browsing functionality, view generated source, and many more useful features that you might miss if you have been using Firefox recently.
  • IETesterThis tool shows a side by side comparison of how a web page renders. You can choose the rendering engines all the way back to IE5.5 up to the new beta IE8. If you use this tool extensively, send me your feedback as I am curious to hear what others think of it.
    Download IE Tester Here

Ok, that is about it for IE testing utilities. Hope this helps you out!